The quickest way to dump someone

The quickest way to dump someone

What you see in the movies is not worth trying at all because it really isn’t that easy as “me and you, we can’t work anymore” or “I’m sorry, its over” both of them usually don’t go down so well in real life and we know it.

First of all make sure you do not make any hasty decisions, you need to think this through properly; what is the true reason why you want to dump him/her? Are you no longer in…

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Best ways to come across more social

Best ways to come across more social

Do you feel like the whole world is a lot more social than you are? Would you be surprised if we told you that sometimes that is not the case, its just an illusion the way the persons carries themselves off and the subjects they speak about only makes them seem more socially active than you. Well you are in for a treat with this step by step guide as we take you through the steps to becoming a…

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Best ways to find a Wife - Easy digestible steps

Best ways to find a Wife – Easy digestible steps

Easier said than done, we don’t want to bring negativity into your mind but an interesting fact over the last 10 years is that marriage rates have declined within men and women… looks like there is a lot more hesitation to tie the knot. Don’t let this put you down as if you’re someone serious about marriage and knows how to compromise in a relationship then your hopes of finding a good wife is…

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Fixing a bad first impression – Do it the right way with these steps

Fixing a bad first impression – Do it the right way with these steps

So you met someone for the first time and you left a pretty bad impression? Don’t panic as it will not help you at all, you just need some guidance on how you change that impression from a bad one to a good one.

Try to remember the last time someone left a bad impression on you, it will probably be pretty hard because people are there own biggest critics… you may have overthought the situation…

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Finding the perfect life partner

Finding the perfect life partner

The above is not the easiest question to resolve, in fact there must be millions of pages on the web trying to give you different strategies, different ways to get the perfect life partner – our job here on Step By Step is to break down those million searches and give it to you in one digestible page… Yes we’re going to do that for you!

People usually have life goals such as buying an expensive…

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Getting along with someone you hate: the right steps to take

Getting along with someone you hate: the right steps to take

It’s completely normal for you to dislike certain people, maybe they look at you wrong or maybe you’ve heard them speak bad about you or even stole one of your friends/gained there attention whatever the reason may be you still somehow end up being around them as you have friends mutual to them? They might be in your high school or college? Here are the steps to take to just about get along with…

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10 Tips to make profit on eBay

10 Tips to make profit on eBay

To create a successful sales page on an online store is simple and tricky at the same time. eBay traders who fail to succeed in making sales as expected is because they do not invest enough in their business. For some it is a simple task and they don’t miss a sale on regular basis. For a beginner you will have to be patient and have a clear mind of what your online store would like to be. First…

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9 Ways to find if a Loan Company is Authentic

9 Ways to find if a Loan Company is Authentic

It can be confusing sometimes to determine the authenticity of a loan company. It is always right to do more than a double check before signing any contract with them. It may seem like a difficult task however you know what they say its better not be safe than sorry. For you to be in this situation, you must either be new to loans or you intend to change your current loan company for some reason.…

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Techniques to sell items at consignment shops

Techniques to sell items at consignment shops

Consignment shops are used to earn money from sale or a valuable pace to display your used items and may be they will not be required soon or never. As long as the item is in good condition, consignment store is the best place to find the ideal buyer for it. For some, their item can be donated for charity but what about you are financially stuck or require money back up for your emergency needs?…

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7 Highest Paying Websites that offer paid surveys

7 Highest Paying Websites that offer paid surveys

The lists of companies that offer surveys for pay are very many. They only differ in they some will accept user from all over the world while other specify their region coverage. It is true that they are genuine and pay people real cash to take a free survey. These are market research marketing and opinion polls companies. They are legally registered to carry out their studies. Big companies and…

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Easy way to create Portfolios with Yahoo Finance

Easy way to create Portfolios with Yahoo Finance

Fannie Mae is an enterprise funded by government to offer loans for those involve in housing and mortgage industry. Public members are granted access to loans so that they can own a home of their choice. Nobody who would not wish for a house of his or her choice at a lower fee, therefore it is obviously in high demand. With the many applications filled every day, the government officials have to…

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Free Ways To Get Bitcoin

Free Ways To Get Bitcoin

This virtual currency has become common since its introduction in 2009. The fact that bitcoin it has not gained much attention from various national government, has led to extra attention to it. It can be exchanged for real money and it is bought using the same local currencies. However, if you can check online, there are various ways it can be gained without spending any amount. Many people and…

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The 4 Ways to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

The 4 Ways to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

The current value of a Bitcoin against US Dollar is fluctuating constantly. Many people are finding this coin valuable as it has many benefits. But that is a topic for another day. As this demand increases, you are required to know where to buy, sell, or even exchange from one form of currency to the other. Time factor is a key thing to note as you are required to transact the fastest way…

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Guide To Get Google AdWords Certified

Guide To Get Google AdWords Certified

Do you happen to own a website or blog? Would you like to make some revenue through your website? Well, Google AdWords is one of the easiest and best ways to make revenue online using your website. The service was introduced by Google in 2000. It works by compensating the websites that participate through a pay per click model. This model is also used by advertisers that want to get customers for…

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The differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin

The differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin

Bitcoin was first established in 2009. Ever since it was introduced, it has gone on to become one of the most popular alternative currencies used for a variety of transactions. There are various ways in which you can attain and start using this currency. Bitcoin however, is not the only idea of its kind to hit the market. There is a currency that bears a lot of resemblance with bitcoin. This…

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